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Areas of assessment

We offer both internal and external assessments for your NGO

We provide the tools you need to conduct a thorough and multi-faceted self-assessment of your NGO. Alternatively, you can request an external evaluation and receive a detailed report of your current performance. Then, our team of experts will provide actionable improvement recommendations for all departments within your organization.

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Empowering Humanitarian Action & Unlocking the Potential of Local Organizations
Shape the KAPorg is helping to shape the New Humanitarian

With over 25 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, our expert team works to prioritize local empowerment for more impactful and sustainable development. We recognize the value of empowering local actors to take the lead in shaping and implementing development solutions. KAPorg, our online assessment platform & capacity building consulting service, is accessible to national NGOs worldwide.

Here, organizations can:

For Vendors & Private Sector Partners

Unlock Valuable Vendor Insights & Generate Practical Recommendationss

KAPorg’s vendor database is a smart repository of information about potential suppliers, contractors, and service providers. Its purpose is to aid non-governmental organizations, including donors, in efficiently identifying vendors, nurturing partnerships, and enhancing their procurement procedures.

KAPorg employs various techniques to populate vendor profile databases, including manual entry, data import, web scraping, and vendor self-service. KAPorg experts guarantee the precision, comprehensiveness, and excellence of the vendor profile database.

Engaging the Private Sector for Humanitarian and Development Work

KAPorg is purpose-built as a software solution that facilitates collaboration between the private sector and non-governmental organizations, including donors from various sectors. This platform offers these entities a unique opportunity to foster extensive engagement with the private sector.

KAPorg has specifically designed this platform to support Private Sector Landscape Analysis (PSLA) and the development and management of a Vendor Profiles Database